PC RN appt is with a health tech!?

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I am gobsmacked by something that happened today. I had an intake with a new primary care provider at a local UC hospital. I received recombinant zoster from the heath tech who directed me to call to schedule a follow up injection and to request a nurse appointment. I asked if the clinic at this very prestigious teaching hospital had nurses? No, just one LVN. The Inj will be with her, the health tech. She reassured me of her qualifications. I have no qualms receiving the injection from a HT. but, labeling an appointment as being with an RN, when the clinic has no RN seems fraudulent to me. I value your thoughts on this.

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Seems to be common practice, most likely because to the vast majority of patients, everyone is either a nurse or a doctor when they go to the primary care office. It may not truly be called that, but it may simply be their layperson lingo to explain that it's not an appointment where the physician or advanced practice provider will see the patient. If it's something you can't ignore, simply add it as part of your feedback on the survey you get.