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Paying it forward!


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5mths ago , i was approached by a co-worker who was getting together a benefit for one of our co-workers son's who was diagnosed with Ventricular Tachycardia @ age 9:bluecry1:, I do donations for alot of events , being a mother of 2 boys 16 & 18 my heart went out to this family:loveya:, so i took this one to heart & went on the search for an AED donor & also spoke with local business's about donating their gift cards & such for auction the night of the event. After 200+ emails:argue: to everyone, 2 weeks before the event i received a call, it was from a company called Cardiac Science:redbeathe, They had received my email & wanted to help by donating the AED for this child! It brought tears to my eyes to finally stop beating my head :banghead: , so i continued with the local business's getting gift cards & products for auction. 1 week before the event, the Company's Support person called to set up training for the family, the mother is an RN and knows how to use an AED but we wanted to have a special presentation that wasnt at the benefit for the family, because of a special guest that wanted to come up for the delivery, She (Rachel) is the founder of Parent :redpinkheHeart:redbeathe Watch, a national organization http://www.parentheartwatch.org that goes around the country trying to get laws passed in schools & sporting events mandating AED's be present, she lost her son at age 15:no: during a basketball game, he collapsed & there was no :bluecry1:AED to save him, she has made it her mission in life to help other parents that have lost children to sudden cardiac death. So we gathered together at the American Red Cross (where i also volunteer), and presented him with the AED, what an amazing day! This little boy turned 10 (2) days before we got him his AED unit.. What an amazing gift to be able to present!

The benefit went on as scheduled, up to the day, i received donations & phone calls, the local news paper who did a story about the delivery of the unit to the child ran a nice article.... I got the local media to come & interview the family & the benefit chair people and broadcast it on the news! The family had overwhelming medical expenses for the child & for the step father (who fell ill the same time as the child after a routine rotator cuff surgery, that landed him in the ICU several times for Pulmonary Infarct, and blood clots:eek:)............ So the sucess of the benefit was for the child & his step dad. I have to say, over 600 people turned out, we raised them close to $5000:yeah: to help with medical bills!

There were 4 of us that ran the benefit, and we all will take this one to our graves, the smiles on that little boys face when he won the $500 drawing:clown:, the look on his face when we gave him our donation to he event, a Jersey from his favorite football team w/ his name on it... The look on his face when the TV crew came into interview him! All priceless moments! :yeah:

Some say you don't get a chance to make a difference in someone's life that often, well this year 2008 , I have made the difference in a child's life & his smile is one that i will remember forever! :up:

Pay it forward as often as you can:D; do more for other's that they have ever done for you! Expect nothing in return but smile's & a hug! :p

The boy asked me if i was an angel, I said no son, I am just someone who could help get you the machine. I'm nothing special, he said, :crying2:well your special to me:bluecry1:, Thank you for all you did . :heartbeat

I will never forget his word's or his face.

that was lovely. you did a beautiful thing for that family.:saint:

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WOW if I ever get sick will you help me..............you are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!

thank you for sharing!!!!!!! god bless you !!!!!! what a awesome story!!!!


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WOW if I ever get sick will you help me..............you are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!

just drop me a PM if you need my help! I am always willing to HELP anyone! Thats my goal in life to HELP as many people as possible!:loveya:

How did you go about getting a AED?

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