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Paying for Childcare while in school fulltime?

Arizona   (1,954 Views 2 Comments)
by crangel crangel (New Member) New Member

crangel works as a Dental Office Manager.

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Does anyone have any advice for paying for childcare while in school full time?

I know that Arizona had a childcare assistance program, but they say there is a waiting list because funds are limited. Does anyone know anything about that? I only have one child right now, but I pay $600 a month for her childcare. I love her daycare and hope to keep her there if I can.

Any help would be appreciated. I am trying to figure out everything before I start school in March.:eek:

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fromtheseaRN has 5 years experience and works as a RN.

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the wait list for child care assistance is over a year. however, apply right away. the person i spoke with told me that funds were allocated based on demand, so the higher the umber of people on the wait list, the more money they will receive, therefore leading to more kids in the program.

i wish i had more advice on affordable child care programs. good luck!

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