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Pay in NZ for immigrants

Hi, I am a registered nurse in Scotland. I have 2 years full time experience on a renal ward and currently working as a dialysis nurse for the past 1 year (3 years in total). I am planning on emigrating to Aukland NZ soon as . I have completed my ILETS and passed. Now just getting all my documentation together, It's all go :).

My question is about wages, do I have to start from the bottom of the pay scale or can I negotiate my wage to continue around what I earn now?

Hi Flabbywoofwoof, NZ is governed by our MECA (Multi Employment Collective Agreement) which was negotiated by the NZ Nurses Organisation. Heres the link: http://www.nzno.org.nz/Portals/0/Files/Documents/Support/CA/DHB%20MECA%2024%20Aug%202015%20-%2031%20July%202017WEB.pdf

Essentially as a nurse with 3 years experience you would start on step 3 and then go up each year until step 5. There is also the opportunity to earn more by completing your portfolio (beginner, competent, proficient or expert) which adds more $$ to your annual salary. Its all outlined in the MECA... good luck and have fun!

Hey thanks very much mate, that's a nice help :)


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