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Pay for hospice visits


I am a new graduate with only a couple of months of SNF experience. Lately I have been very interested in hospice nursing. I understand the pay would be lower because I don't have much experience, but how much should I be expecting? Would I be payed hourly or per visit? I know admissions and follow up visits have different range. Do I get mileage reimbursement? I live in Orange County, CA.

Thank you in advance.

Make cold calls to agencies and ask without divulging your name. Sometimes the rates are listed on job postings on employment websites.

I am a hospice nurse in Chicago, my pay far exceeds what I was making in a hospital setting, I do get paid for mileage, I do not get paid per visit, this is not the norm unless you are taking on extra visits. I am a salaried employee with my company, our only hourly employees are those who work in our inpatient hospice centers. Good luck!