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Patient tracker app

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by Tammy WCC RN Tammy WCC RN (New) New Nurse

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does anyone have a app they yse in on the field that tracks your patients, vitals and can see vital trending ... a place where you can jog your notes down for highlights etc 

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vampiregirl has 10 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Hospice.

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I'm not familiar with an app that does this. 

I've just used the data/ views available in the EMR to reference what I need. For me, entering this info in an app would be a redundancy.

I do use "sticky" notes on my computer screen for quick reference of mantoux dates, cert period end dates and FOV since these dates aren't readily available in screens I routinely view. I used initials for privacy. 

I would also be concerned about security of such an app unless it had been reviewed/ recommended by my employer. 

Have you checked though to see if there is a secure mobile version of your EMR that is an app? 

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