Tetnus shot

  1. So my boyfriend went to health department a couple weeks ago to get his tetnus shot. The nurse gave it to him in his butt cheek. The past week his muscles have been twitching ans tightening up so he went to e r ans the dr there did bloodwork. Bloodwork came back he has tetnus. But he jus got a shot a couple weeks ago? So the e r dr gave him another shot this time in his arm and antibiotics for tetnus. Its ben 2days ans his miscles are tightening up.
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  3. by   CoffeeYogaNurse
    Do you have a follow up appointment scheduled? Muscle twitching is expected after a diagnosis of tetanus, but should subside after he started his antibiotics. It might subside slowly though, so try to be aware of how bad the twitching was before treatment and after and ask him if it's getting ANY better at all. If it is, then he's improving. Make sure he follow this closely with his MD. Tetanus diagnosis often requires a stay in the hospital, was his case mild enough that he was able to go home?

    What did he get his tetanus shot for? Was he just routinely following up on boosters or was he injured by something that warranted getting the vaccine? If there was an injury it may have been that he was already infected with tetanus when he went for the shot the first time, if that was the case the shot the nurse gave him in the bum wouldn't have done much good. Tetanus can lie dormant for several days or even weeks before symptoms show.

    Hope this helps and he feels better soon!
  4. by   Rose_Queen
    This is something that needs to be discussed with his healthcare team. Not only can we not provide medical advice per TOS, but it would be irresponsible to do so. Best wishes for him.
  5. by   dianah
    Agree, this is an issue best discussed with his healthcare provider, who has access to his records and to him for examination.

    We cannot provide any medical advice, per the Terms of Service, plus it would not be wise for you to depend on the advice of anonymous persons on the internet.

    I hope he can go to his healthcare provider and get some answers, and that he feels better soon.

    Closing this now.