Teaching Pain Medication

  1. Hi, Im in nursing school and we need to teach pain medication simply, like we were explaining it to a patient or child. They don't want us to use technical terms. How would I describe what Fentanyl does without basically reading off my med book, and I can't just say this will help your pain I have to explain how it will.

    Any tips would be greatly appreciated
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  3. by   Anonymous865
    Look at Drugs.com or WebMD and see how they explain the drug.

    These web sites are written specifically for the non-medical person to understand the drug they have been prescribed.

    What vocabulary are they using?

    How much detail are they providing?

    Then try explaining it to your mother or spouse or friend. If they look at you with a glazed expression, you have provided too much detail. If they ask a lot of questions, then you know to include more information.