Smoking Cessation Resources

  1. smoking cessation from mercy medical nampa

    * [color=#893153]quitting smoking- faq
    * [color=#893153]smoking and your heart
    * [color=#893153]steps to stop smoking
    * [color=#893153]you can quit smoking

    mercy medical nampa - patient education
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  3. by   VickyRN
  4. by   thewolf11
    thank you very much
  5. by   leemacaz
    Thanks for taking the time to post this help.!
  6. by   Atheos
    Now if someone could post a site that includes the following.

    A: A way to kill the addiction and thus making quitting a viable and successful option.

    B: A way to stop cigarettes from occupying 90% of the Earth so that everytime you turn around there isn't one in your face.

    C: A reason to stop OTHER than those reasons which many of us smoker's are aware of and don't really care about. Makes quitting hard without a reason to quit.

    D: A downloadable addiction replacement!