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Patient Education is dedicated to patients and the education we should be providing as health care professional on a day-to-day basis. Patient Education is one of more important jobs we do in our career. This forum is designed to support, educate, and advise each other on new changes in health care education that we must provide for our patients, to share best practice experiences, discuss specific knowledge, and ask questions of other Health care professionals about what works for them.

Another Brick in the Wall
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Another Brick in the Wall

I'm a nurse who is somewhat new to home health. Almost every patient I visit either has hypertension, diabetes, or both. What troubles me about these people is that...

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Lynda Lampert, RN

Is it Cold, Flu, or Gastroenteritis: Explaining the Difference to Patients

How many times have nurses heard, “Oh, it’s just a little cold”? Or how about the patient who complains of the flu when the only symptoms they have are vomiting...

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Running Into Midnight

Breath. Breath and feet hitting concrete and cars wooshing blindly by. Deep, dark, damp nighttime, dew on the grass, dimly displayed by the dimpled moon's...

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Improving Outcomes for the Gestational Diabetic Patient
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Improving Outcomes for the Gestational Diabetic Patient

Improving Outcomes for the Gestational Diabetic Patient Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) is a disease that affects many women regardless of race, culture or...

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Advocate and Negotiate

Part of the way that nurses take care of patients is to educate them on how they can take care of themselves. This is not always an easy task, as some patients have...