RN to MSN-->DNP or RNtoBSN-->DNP

  1. Basically like the title says I would like to get into being a nurse pracitioner. I'm not sure if I should try and do one of these online programs where I skip my bsn and get my MSN and do a post masters certificate. The other option is a online RN to bsn, then apply to some RN to DNP programs. At the moment i'm a home health nurse and I have plenty of time to do online stuff. School was never very difficult to me, mostly just tedious.. I feel like I had a 3.30 or so when I went to nursing school several years back, so I think I could probably succeed at either option. Anyways, anyone have some experience to relate? I'm not really making much money as a RN, i'm hoping that getting a DNP will bump my salary to 90+k. I make like 45k a year now. Also my schedule is pretty much garbage.
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