Rehab Nursing Pathways

  1. Hello we are streamlining our education process on the rehab unit. I am looking for pathways for rehab such as stroke, SCI, TBI, Multitrauma...Typical rehab patient pathways.
    I would like a list of education specifics for each topic that can be copied and pasted into the patient's record to save redundancy and improve documentation. Or I am open to suggestions that have worked for your units. Here is what I am thinking:
    Have folder on desktop with pathways
    Have folder on desktop with patient room numbers
    Patient admitted and pathway started under patient room number
    Education according to pathway and copied into chart as education completed change color of text in patient folder to reflect i.e. black text for not done, yellow text for needs review, red text for completed to keep track of what education has been completed and can be passed on easily and tracked. We are using Cerner right now and we have not been able to change the current process through their program so I am looking at alternatives. Any suggestions would be great as well as actual pathways with a list of education that is supposed to be done in order. Thank you
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