Dermatology A -Z

  1. dermatology a - z

    the american academy of dermatology has developed a resource based on common dermatological conditions, treatments and terminology. it includes definitions of dermatology terms, explanation of common dermatologic conditions and procedures, links to aad press releases and pamphlets, articles in dermatology insights, aad guidelines of care, and links to other associations.


    the academy's patient education pamphlets have been successfully informing patients for over 30 years. each pamphlet has been reviewed by a committee of leading experts to ensure the most valuable and accurate information is made available. with 68 titles, the pamphlet line is divided into six categories: common dermatologic conditions, cosmetic surgery, general dermatology, sun protection, skin reactions, and viral diseases. by displaying these pamphlets in your office and distributing them after patient examinations, you have the ability to reinforce your counseling time and to provide take-home, easy-to-read information for your patients. each pamphlet is sold in packages of 50 and quantity discounts are available.
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