Study PCT in Jersey, can I work in Texas?

  1. Hello!
    I'm from Spain, I've been in this country for the last 2 years. I'm really lost, I want to study for being a RN in a future, but first I want to have more experience in the job. I was thinking about studying LPN or PCT, I honestly don't think that I have enough knowledge about health in English to study RN right now. I'm living in NJ, but I would like to move to Texas in a year or maybe two, does anyone know if I study in Jersey can I find a job in Texas? Or do I have to take the PCT program again? Does anyone know about the 'Anderson Health Institute' in Paterson? I'm not sure if it's accredited and not sure how to know if it is. I've looking for job offers as a PCT and I don't see that many, am I making a mistake going through that way?.
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