Recently got my PCT certificate but not able to find any jobs!

  1. I went to Savannah Tech College and I got my CNA license, I realized that you are very limited in what you can do as a CNA so I thought why not get the experience of a PCT. I graduated in July and I've applied at multiple hospitals as a PCT but still no call backs. My only flaw is that I have no experience since I am a recent grad, I'm currently enrolled in the LPN program at school but I really crave that hospital experience. I hate not having a job in the field, not sure what to do currently.
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  3. by   missypie82 didn't do your externship? Usually doing that will he youanda job.I'm almost done with my pct/phlebotomy program down here in Clearwater,FL at UMA and we do externship and 9x outta 10 you get hired from down here there's lots of pct jobs.maybe you should start off in an alf out nursing home just to build up experience then go to a plan is a hospital too. Goods luck with ur career and I hope this info helped