Can you go to work (Tech on a floor) with pink eye?

  1. Hi, so working my weekend on this week an hour into my shift my eye starts bothering me. Put drops in eye became red and inflamed. Took the contacts out worked the rest of the shift with glasses.

    I call the ED after my shift to see if I can get eye drops they quickly look at my eye say it's pink eye. Not sure how it's pink eye. Get the drops next day before I go into work. Worked yesterday. Working today and a double Wednesday.

    Feel the deed is already done going into work. However, should I call out, or let my boss know I have pink eye, or let it be not worry about it?

    Appreciate the feedback.
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  3. by   Missingyou
    I would think that you should have said something to your employer the very day you were told you had pink eye.
    It's probably too late now as you are likely no longer contagious.

    In my experience, it depends on the employer and probably how desperately they need you. I had pink eye when I worked in a sterile environment in a hospital and was told by the department head that I can still come to work!!