Brookdale NJ PCT Course Workload & General Questions

  1. Hi everyone!

    I had some questions regarding Brookdale's PCT course. I will start May 8th. My end goal is to do Brookdale's nursing program so this is one of my steps to get there. In preparation, I was planning on doing A&P I during Summer II session, which would be during the same time frame as the PCT course. My questions were:

    Do you think it would be doable to do both courses simultaneously in terms of course work and time I need out of class to get homework/studying done?

    During the clinical portion of the PCT course, is there homework or is all the work done during the clinical?

    Thanks! Any insight/info is appreciated!!
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  3. by   TrinaCNA
    Do not take AP1 as a summer course. I recommend a 15 week course because it is pretty extensive. Just focus on the PCT course and take AP1 in the fall.. good luck
  4. by   mac89
    Thanks Trina! I appreciate your advice!