Patient Care Rounds


My unit participates in daily patient care rounds, which initially began as a way to coordinate the discharge process. The rounds consist of the nurse, resident, intern, care manager, medical student, and sometimes a pharmacy resident. When my unit first began to participate in this process most were pleased. However, years later this process has become a nuisance for the nurses. Why? 1) rounds can be lengthy - which takes the nurse away from patient care; 2) lack of organization - rounds are only as effective as the person leading them (the residents and interns rotate monthly); 3) the nurses aren't engaged in the process

How are multidisciplinary rounds on your units? Are they effective? If so, what makes them effective?

How can nurses be empowered during this process?

I was thinking of creating a "checklist" for the nurses and the doctors to improve the organization and length of rounds. Also, I would like the nurses to be acknowledged during the rounds process. Perhaps, nurses should initially present the patients to the team at the start of rounds, and share concerns and overnight events.