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PAT nurses role?

by RN_1978 RN_1978 (New) New

Hi everyone!

Was wondering if anyone can give me any insight into the pros and cons of being a PAT nurse.

I saw a job posting at an outpatient surgery center for a PAT nurse and was considering applying.


Rose_Queen, BSN, MSN, RN

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Assuming that PAT stands for pre-admission testing, you will be working with patients prior to the day of surgery to get them all prepared. Most of this work tends to be done by telephone or on a computer. Chart review, patient interview, some teaching (such as chlorhexidine bathing), etc.

Lack of direct hands on patient care may be a pro or con depending on your view.

Some patients are rather difficult to get ahold of, even if the phone interview is scheduled.

Depending on the volume, you may be go go go, steady, slow, or a combination of all of those all within one shift.