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Passing nclex


Hi all I'm new to the website.. But I Just want to give a little encouragement to those out there who think there is no light at the end of the tunnel..I've had a long and grueling struggle throughout nursing school...I had to take the hesi exam 7 times because our school required a 900 and a 71% to pass.. I studied but I could not figure out what I was doing wrong.. Between working 10 hrs a day 6 days a week and studying it just wasn't happening.. Until one day I ran across this website and was reading other peoples stories and someone recommended the hesi book.. It was my last chance to take it or else I had to repeat my last year of school.. So I was really down and depressed.. I cried a lot picked my self back up studied non stop for a month just the hesi book and nclex 4000.. I made a 915 and passed..I took nclex 2 month later studying really about 3 weeks just Kaplan and the Kaplan book and passed nclex on my first try..the day I took it I cried the whole way home because I felt I didn't know anything on the test.. But apparently I knew something lol.. I would highly recommend this book because it teaches you how to answer nclex questions and it a passing decor guaranteed or your money back .. In a nutshell never give up on something you really want.. Took me 8 year of college but I made it through with God grace..I stop running trying to keep up with others and walked at my own pace and that's how Jesus and I done it.. Good luck to all out there. Never give up!!

Good for you! Nursing school comes easy for some and hard for others. Glad you stuck with it and kept your faith in God. I too passed nclex with75 questions and bam! I'm a nurse as of today and am so blessed.

Congratulations on passing the NCLEX. I understand from personal experience that it is difficult to balance a full course load at school and work full time. It doesn't leave time for much else. The Kaplan book is fantastic. I used it to study and passed the NCLEX on the first try with 75 questions. It is very stressful while waiting for the results but it feels amazing to know that all of your hard work and dedication paid off!