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Passing Nclex last week

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Passing Nclex last week

  1. 1. Passing Nclex last week

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Hello Everyone, I found this site over two months ago, but i finally became a member

yesterday. Every since i found this site, i checked and enjoyed reading all of the daily topics

and replies. I graduated nursing school in December 2011,but have finally decided to take

the NCLEX exam on March 23, 2012. I thank God that i passed with 76 questions. Thanks

to this site, i was able to do the PVT and got the good pop up within three hours. My name

was the BON Monday morning. I'm very blessed to be where i'm right now and again will

always thank God for His wisdom and guidance. I would also like to thank NCBSN for having

such a tremendous review along with Rinehart and Associate online review. I'm glad that i

had used Prioritization Delegation and Assignment by Lacharity along with ExamCram book

by Rinehart and Associate.

I'm looking forward to start joining in some of the daily topics.