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I took my NCLEX-PN yesterday and found out this morning that I passed! The computer shut off at 85 questions but I still felt uncertain after the exam. I studied using the NCLEX mastery app while I was still a student. After graduation I studied for 2 weeks using Kaplan and UWorld. Good luck to everyone still on the journey! You can do it!

Omg I take mines in couple days how did you read all of u world rationale in two weeks how did you study. ....


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I had 2 weeks where I had no other obligations other than studying. I did 85 questions on UWorld in the morning and another 85 questions in the evening. If I got a questions wrong I spent time figuring out why I chose the wrong answer and why it was wrong. I spent a great deal of time understanding the rationale. I used Kaplan to help learn a methodical way to break down questions so that I understood what was being asked and then be able to eliminate choices to find the right answer. Practice, practice, practice and more practice! Good luck to you!

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Congrats love! I graduate in a month or so ! Hopefully I can achieve the same outcome í ½í¸³!