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Passed my OK State testing 6/28/12

okiesue okiesue (New) New

Has 2 years experience.

Passed my state testing with FLYING colors today :) Got a 94 on the written exam.... We're given 1.5 hours to do the test (70 questions), and I was in and out the door in less than 30 minutes...super, duper easy ! LOL

Skills I had (and I was flipping nervous as heck, I swear I could have barfed! LOL)

Side lying position

Oral care, dependent person

range of motion (all body parts)

Temp, BP, pulse, respirations

Partial bed bath (face, neck, arm, armpit)

ambulating patient with gait belt



Has 4 years experience.

Congrats Okiesue

I also Passed my state exam in OK on 06/26, Where are you located in OK? Are you planning on LPN or RN next? The written was easy to me as well. It seemed to be mainly common sense, I scored the same score as you actually :) My nerves made the skills seem more difficult in the beginning but once I got passed the jitters I did great. Once again congrats, good luck to you!


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