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Passed NCLEX - thanks to all!

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Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who posts on here. I have been following allnurses since I started my journey back to school, especially the last few weeks on the NCLEX forum!

For everyone getting ready to take the exam - the 'trick' works. I believed it up until the day I took my test and got the good pop-up. I figured - it's just not going to work this time. But, got my results this morning and I PASSED!! I've been chasing this dream for a long time and it is now reality!

I did take and complete Kaplan and did 2000+ Saunders questions, but NOTHING prepares you for that test! Calm nerves and a clear head...that's what will get you through it.

All of the positive support and great information led me to great results. Thanks you for being there, even when I wasn't posting, I was reading!!

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Congrats!! :clpty: