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Passed the NCLEX second time 130 questions

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Two months ago I failed my first attempt at the NCLEX and honestly I did not feel defeated because I knew I studied my butt off LOL but I am a horrible test taker due to my raging anxiety ( trembling , headache and even vomiting ). The next day I saw I failed I booked my second attempt and had a serous conversation with my ( brain doctors I call them LOL ) and he recommended Lorazepam. So long story short I showed up to my second test with confidence in one hand and ZEPAM in the other LOL and took my test. Yes I went all the way to 130 but after I got to question 60 I took my 15 min brake and told myself YOU GOT THIS don't give up! and passed.

So please don't feel discourage if the test takes you all the way to the end don't feel bad because you failed the first time.

I used UWorld

Mark klimek

and the Prioritization and delegation book