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Passed NCLEX in 130 questions!


For anyone in the same boat as I was in, you are probably a nervous wreck! I took my NCLEX and was really unsure of how I did.. I went to all 130 questions and for sure thought I failed like the times before. I ended up having 23 SATA, 1 ECG, 3 images, 3 exhibits and 4 drag and drops. I don’t know if that plays a factor into anything but I know I always asked people on here what kind of questions they got! I waited for a long 24 hours and then found out I passed the next day! Going all the way to the end is not always a bad thing!

For a test that work like this, going all the way to the last question is probably better.

When the test shuts off early, it's because you showed a pattern at either a passing or failing level. When you get to the last question, it's basically just depending on that 2nd to last question. If it brought you above the passing level, you can get that last one wrong and you still passed.

Licensing, no matter what field it's in, is only looking for minimum safety. Getting to that last question is a sign that you're probably grasping that minimum, but need work on application, which is what job training is for.