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Passed NCLEX in 75 questions

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by Kaylyn.RN Kaylyn.RN (New) New Nurse

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Hi everyone,

This morning I took the NCLEX-RN and was shocked when my computer shut off at 75. I thought I for sure failed. I had only multiple choice and SATA questions and I feel like over half were SATA. I literally felt like I answered every single one wrong! When I got to my car I got the good pop up with Pearson, which was so great. Around 2pm I check the licensure website and there it was- registered nurse active! 
I was so scared about taking the NCLEX. In nursing school I had to retake 4 classes which put me a year behind my classmates I started with. I was getting so discouraged and was sure I would make it. After graduation I took Kaplan in class, which I do think helped me sooo much! I would do 100-200 questions a day and did up to 300 a day the few days before my exam. I rarely opened up my book. I studied mostly by writing down the rationales from my Kaplan answers and by graphing my answers when I would take quizzes! I think that Kaplan was really hard, I mostly scored in the 50% range. I turned to this website many many times to get advice from others for taking the NCLEX! Hope someone finds this helpful! 

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