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Passed nclex 103 questions


Hello everyone!

i just found out i passed my nclex examination in nyc. i took it on the 10th of this month and found out today through quick results i passed. I was so certain i failed, but i guess i was doing okay lol the comp shut off at 103 questions. when i got home i tried the new PVT and got the "good pop up." I used mainly Kaplan to study, however i did use saunders cd rom for SATA questions, Lippincott Q/A book. However, Kaplan really helped me.

my scores were crap, so hopefully i show everyone that you can still pass with crappy grades lol

Readiness: 56 %

q trainer 1: 44%

q trainer 2: 66%

Q trainer 3 : 57%

q trainer 4: 56%

q trainer 5: 60%

q trainer 6: 59%

qtrainer 7: 57%

Q BANK: Completed all of it with an average of 59%

so as you can see for q trainer 6 and 7 i couldn't make it to 65% however i did go over it twice to read all of the rationales and the videos were SUPER helpful.

good luck everyone!!!!

Thank you for your posts. I'm doing my Kaplan qbank tests right now and there so hard and my scores aren't that great. But hopefully I'll be okay when I take my nclex!