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Passed NCLEX as 4N0

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I'm an active duty 4N working in family health. I took the NCLEX-PN on 7/13 and passed! I used the AFCOOL to pay for the exam and a self-paced Kaplan course. I watched all the content review videos and after finishing the course did 170-220 questions a day for about a week and a half before my test. Overall I studied for about 5 weeks. I really feel like the Kaplan review videos helped fill in the gaps of info I didn't learn in tech school.

I went through Missouri to get my license, I feel like it was a really easy application process compared to friends that have gone through New York. You can also apply through Florida with Missouri's NCLEX code. I graduated phase two in September 2015 if anyone is wondering.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I really feel like this is something everyone should do, especially if you are planning to go into nursing. Some schools will even accept your AF transcript and let you in to an LPN-RN program!

Here are my Kaplan scores:

Question trainer 1: 72%

Question trainer 2: 71%

Question trainer 3: 71%

Readiness test: 77%

Sample test 1: 68%

Sample test 2: 72%

QB1: 58%

QB2: 68%

QB3: 69%

QB4: 67%

QB5: 67%

QB6: 76%

QB7: 66%

QB8: 62%

QB9: 58%

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