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Passed that exit....THANK GOD!! 966

Can you tell me what it was like? I won't be taking it until November lol but I want to start studying for it this summer because once 4th level starts again in August I know there won't be much time.. Thanks!

Congrats!!!! Do you have any pointers? I take mine on May 14th? Any books or a website that worked well for you? Congrats again, I bet you are so relieved!

Thanks! Relieved is an understatement.....I cried and thanked GOD for hours....I was in actual shock for days.....I recommend Saunders Review for CONTENT... HESI REVIEW BOOK (especially MedSurg section).....Evolve case studies....Kaplan for test taking techniques (critical thinking application).....and Hesi Study.com....also pay special attention to hesi hints in HESI REVIEW BOOK... I stayed focused....studied my butt off and PRAYED.....ITS DOABLE....Good Luck :)