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Passed ANCC!

Has 5 years experience. Specializes in Pediatrics.

Hello everyone,

I'm so excited to be typing this! Today, I took the ANCC for FNP and I PASSED!! I almost cried in the testing center when they said congratulations haha. I found the questions to be challenging in that the questions were lengthy, but after reading them carefully two or three times I was able to pick out the necessary information to come up with the correct answer. For studying, during the year when we were reviewing a topic in class, I often also reviewed what was in Leik and the previous Fitzgerald edition, as well as complete the Fitzgerald section questions. I attended a live review course with Fitzgerald, and completed all of the coursework that came with it online. I also read Leik from cover to cover. I also purchased APEA and took one predictor exam, but felt that the clinical guidelines book and question bank was not helpful. Somewhere in these interventions I was able to keep the information in my brain!

Now to find a position :) I wish the best of luck to those about to take the exam!!


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