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Pass NCLEX, Now What?


Hey everyone,

Recently I discovered I pass my NCLEX-RN thanks GOD!

Now I have some questions for what happens next.

I know they mail you something telling you that you have pass, but do they send you a letter telling you the results only or do they send you the results and your license certificate and registration? Also how much time they can take to send me my documents?

Just curious, thanks.

They don't give you anything regarding the results only your diploma and license registration and it'll take about 5-7 business days to receive it in the mail. You'll see your name on the license verification website about 3-5 business days after being notified by pearson vue that you passed.

When I took my NCLEX in July, it took just about 2 weeks for me to receive my license and registration. I paid the few extra dollars to get my unofficial results within the 48 hour times frame. I took just about 2 weeks before I saw my name on the NYS licensing board, but I suppose it depends on the time of year and how backed up there are. I don't recall receiving any paper work that included my results.