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Part time/Per diem jobs

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Hi everyone!

I'm currently an ICU nurse though I'm still in my fellowship training. I've had previous experience in Med Surg however so Im not a "new grad" just new to intensive care.

I'm looking for additional work on the side that is NOT as stressful as hospital /bed side nursing just to supplement my income and help towards a downpayment for a new home Im looking to purchase. I figured perhaps a home heath care agency would be a good option for an extra day of work. A good friend of mine used to work for an agency (sady not in my area) and used to be called from time to time to go to various homes. He would do wound care, administer shots etc... the work varied. I do have the option of doing prn work at a hospital I worked at but the unit was intense and everyone ran around like a chicken without a head (6-7 pts per shift and complete chaos). Does anyone know of any agencies that I could apply for part time/per diem work? I live in Maryland but I could easily go to DC/Virginia because all are pretty accessible to me.


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