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Part time Nurse Trainee

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Hi felow RNs! Im new here in this site. first of all this site really captured my interest in pursuing my profession as an RN. And for six years I haven't practiced my profession as a Nurse here in the Philippines and I'm not the only one who doesn't have the oppurtunity to practice. We all know the scenario for us Nurses here in the Philippines. Right after passing the board in 2009 I got hired as an employee for a pharmaceutical company, and I don't have the time to train at the same time to work. I priotized my work because I only depend on myself and I have siblings that needs my earnings. As of now I'm currently working in a BPO. Where work is not that exhausting and I've decided to practice/train and at the same time stay at my current work until I get hired as a staff. My question is, are there any hospitals here in the Philippines that gives consideration for us RN that has the same situation?

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