Westberg Parish Nurse Symposium 2011

  1. the 25th annual westberg parish nurse symposium will be sept. 16-18 at the millennium hotel in st. louis, mo. it looks like a fantastic line-up. one of the keynote speakers is dr harold koenig. dr. koenig began his medical career as a nurse and is currently the director of the center for spirituality, theology, and health at duke university medical center in durham, nc. nationally known for his extensive publications and presentations on faith and health, he is an advocate of incorporating religious involvement into healthcare. recent publications include the books, spirituality in patient care, 2nd edition and medicine, religion and health.

    i have attended a few symposiums in the past and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. it was great networking with parish nurses from around the world. i would love to attend, but it doesn't look like that will be possible this year. are any of you planning on attending? if so, what sessions are you planning on attending. please share your comments and experiences of this or any other parish nurse conferences you have attended.
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  3. by   tnbutterfly
    Did anyone go to the Symposium? Would love to hear what you thought about the presentations.