So what *can* I do?

  1. Thanks to Moogie for pointing me here! Here's what I posted over in Volunteer Nursing:

    Quarterly, as part of Families Moving Forward outreach, my church houses and feeds homless families. I would like to offer my services as an RN during these times to do health screenings and health counciling for these families that have extremely limited access to healthcare.

    But what, exactly, can I do? It's not like I can prescribe medications or order tests. Sure, I can take blood pressures and listen to hearts and lungs, but what then? They have no primary care giver to refer them to.

    Obviously, I wouldn't practice outside of my legal scope of practice, but with such limited resources, what services am I able to provide?

    Any advice would be helpful!
    I've briefly looked at the stickies here and have to delve into them a bit more, but keep in mind that I'm not looking for Parish Nursing advice at the moment. While I make great effort to incorporate my faith in my work, I am quite happy working in my hospital right now (nor, for that matter, is my church in a position to start a PN program at the moment).

    I really am interested to know what exactly I can do in a situation where I am working with families who have NO OTHER access to healthcare besides the ER.

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