parish nursing info please

  1. we are just starting a parish nursing program. info on what your organization is doing, what things you aren't able to do (limitations put on you by insurance company) programs that have been successful, and any general info. many thanks,
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  3. by   Pam Evans RN MN
    I have served as parish nurse for 1st Presbyterian in Derby since 1995.
    I have done workshops on Advanced directives and childs understanding of death.
    We have a health equipment closet for loan of donated equipment, crutches, walkers ect.
    We do monthly BP checks, did blood sugar checks once
    I answer individual questions as they arise, articles for the church newsletter, health education.
    I do drug info cards for those who inquire about Rx.
    We have a file in the office of phone numbers of family to be notified in an emergency, also preferred health facility, doctor and ongoing health problems.
    I also help with hospital and LTC visits, I have several other RN's that will also help. Our pastor is end stage of multiple myleoma so has a very low WBC and cannot go into the hospitals to call.
    I have done a lot of education of the congregation as to his illness.