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  1. [font=Garamond]Great Posts guys! I'm excited about joining the Parish Nurse board. We just began the ministry this week at my church. What programs do you all offer at your church? Can anyone recommend a good cholesterol/triglyceride machine? We are beginning with B/P's, CBG's, BMI's, first aide. Our State Board of Nursing says we can administer OTC's ...IF... we don't diagnose pt.'s. Example, if someone c/o H/A, we cannot say to them, "You have a H/A, here's some Tylenol". However, they can say, "I have a H/A, may I have some Tylenol?"
    [font=Garamond]I would like to also offer UA's. Whenever our budget is approved, I hope to purchase an otoscope. (I also substitute as a school nurse and a lot of times, pt's will request that I "look at their ears"). We can do this as a Parish Nurse, and let the pt. know whether or not their ears are "red", of course we cannot diagnose infection. I would also like to offer strep throat testing & flu shots (when available). Also, what Scripture do ya'll use as your "theme"?? We are thinking of 3 John 2: Beloved, I pray that you may prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers. Whatcha think?
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