Loss, Grief, & End-of-Life Care

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    loss, grief, and end-of-life care
    [font=goudy-bolditalic]after studying this chapter, you should be able to:
    [font=goudy]discuss the concepts of [font=goudy-italic]loss, grief, [font=goudy]and [font=goudy-italic]end-of-life care.
    [font=goudy]describe at least three types of losses that an individual can experience.
    [font=goudy]explain the grief process.
    [font=goudy]differentiate between [font=goudy-italic]normal [font=goudy]and [font=goudy-italic]unresolved [font=goudy]or [font=goudy-italic]dysfunctional grief.
    [font=goudy]define [font=goudy-italic]advance care planning.
    [font=goudy]articulate the needs of dying persons and their survivors.
    [font=goudy]state the rationale for the dying person’s bill of rights.
    [font=goudy]compare the perceptions of death by children during various growth stages.
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