Looking of a faith community nurse

  1. Currently I am in my last year of nursing school and just began a faith community nursing class. Entering this class I feel I know nothing and am trying to find a parish nurse that I can ask questions to that arise throughout the semester.
    Our first major assignment is to interview a faith community nurse. I go to school in a small town and have called a few church's and can't seem to find any parish nurse's in the area.

    Basic question I'm looking for answers include:
    What type of training did you recieve to become a faith community nurse?
    Through what agency, college or university did you receive your training?
    Are you a volunteer or is this a paid position?
    How long have you been practicing?
    What does your scope of practice include?
    What is a typical work day o rmoth like for you?
    What are the demographics of the population you serve (age, gender, economic status, etc)?
    How do you see your role as a faith community nurse in relation to the nursing profession?
    Do you work in collaboration with other members of the health care profession and faith community?

    Any questions that you can answer for me would be greatly appreciated it.

    Thank you so much for your time, I hope to hear from you!
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