Legal and Political Issues in Parish Nursing

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    I am looking for any information RE: legal and political issues in parish nursing. I am a senior in a BSN program in Idaho. Please send any information RE: legal issues in parich nursing to the address below. I am able to receive attachments also so feel fre to send them. Thank you for all your help.

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  3. by   Sherelyn Yancey
    Dear Becky, RE: legal & political issues in parish nursing. Best resource I've found is Perspectives in Parish Nurse Practice available at the Int'l Parish Nurse Resource Center in Illinois, 1-800-556-5368. It's quarterly, deals w/liability issues, etc. Ann Solari Twadell is the contact person. Are you in the BSU or LCSC program? My nursing degree is from LCSC, Lewiston. Would you email me back re: what is happening in Idaho with Parish Nursing? I completed my basic PN prep course at Marquette Univ, Milwaukee and am currently doing a 9 mo internship at an evangelical church in Wisc. Thanks,