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    The HMIN is an international, interfaith, information service for those involved in health ministry and the faith health movement. There is no charge to subscribe and no advertising is accepted. The material is gleaned from a multitude of sources, researched and submitted with appropriate credit given. The posting of information does not imply endorsement of content or programs by myself or any organization. All materials should be judged according to content, appropriateness to an area of practice and its adherence to any applicable statutory and professional standards. The information is informative, inspirational, and interdisciplinary, with the single criteria for inclusion being - "Could someone in health ministry use this information?" The information, reflecting the preponderance of health ministers practicing as parish nurses, leans somewhat toward information that nurses in a church could use somehow in their practice.

    To subscribe, unsubscribe, or to submit information for posting, forward to or To submit information my mail, forward to:

    C/O Rev. Robert Taylor, RN
    2816 Buckboard Lane
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    Your servant,
    Rev. Robert C. Taylor, RN
    Director - HMIN
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