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Paramedic to RN

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Hey all,

My name is Justin. I'm currently a seasonal firefighter in California. My goal is to end up being a firefighter/paramedic with an RN license. I'm trying to find out which is the best avenue to approach this. Is it better to go to school and get my RN and challenge the paramedic board or is it better to go get my paramedic license and try and find a school that will let me bridge into the program. I have heard many things that the governor is trying to establish a program in California to let paramedic's bridge into the 2nd year of the RN program. Does anyone know anything about if or when this might happen. Any info would be great thanks.


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I would get the RN first . The turn over / burn out rate of paramedics is very high. They do an honorable and stressful job. Many don't last 5 years and the ones that do are bald or go grey very very early. Rn is stressful, but not like what a Paramedic goes through..plus RN's make much more then them here.

I believe that paramedics should have to 30 unit option to become RN's as well.

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