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Palliative care unit


I've applied for a transfer to the palliative care unit in my facility. I really don't know if this is the same thing as what you call hospice and it's a regional difference. It's an inpatient unit who admits dying people for symptom control and at the end, but gives the people the option of dying at home and works closely with a home care program. Do any of you work on this kind of unit?

Palliative care is the idea of introducing hospice care to people earlier in the course of a progressive, incurable illness. Usually they receive no hospice care until all life-prolonging options had been exhausted, often within just two weeks of death. Palliative care monitors quality-of-life and symptom management for cancer patients while they are still undergoing treatment. It's a wonderful idea and hopefully medicare will figure that out and allow us at hospice to come into the pts lives earlier. Good luck

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