Toradol/Ketorolac for Pain Management After Abdominal Surgical Procedures in Infants

  1. ketorolac for pain management after abdominal surgical procedures in infants

    from southern medical journal randall s. burd, md, phd, joseph d. tobias, md

    abstract and introduction


    background. while the use of intravenous ketorolac in infants less than 6 months old has not been previously reported, ketorolac may reduce opioid use and prevent opioid-associated side effects that are frequent in this age group. we reviewed our experience with ketorolac in infants to develop recommendations for using it after abdominal surgery.
    methods. we reviewed the records of 10 infants less than 6 months old who received ketorolac supplemented with morphine and 8 infants who received morphine alone for pain after abdominal surgery.
    results. infants receiving ketorolac required less morphine than infants receiving morphine alone in the first 48 hours after surgery. four patients receiving ketorolac did not require any supplemental morphine.
    conclusions. ketorolac reduces the amount of morphine required after abdominal surgery in infants less than 6 months old. the use of ketorolac deserves further study as a method of reducing opioid-associated adverse effects in this patient group.
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