To our pain expert - need advice

  1. Is it Dave? I'm sorry, I just remember seeing MD Terminator by your name, but can't remember your first name. :imbar

    I was just diagnosed last week with shingles for the second time. Doc put my on Vicodin (5/500) for the pain, which promptly made me throw up, so gave me Fiorinal for the migraines accompanying them (I'm a regular migraine sufferer, but my Migranal wasn't touching these). The Fiorinal worked well (she gave me the one with aspirin instead of Tylenol, since I'm a Type 1 and acetominophen lowers my blood sugar about 3 hours after I take it), but didn't touch the shingles pain on my neck and shoulder.

    Doc today (her husband actually) prescribed Lidoderm patches. I've never used these, but am wondering how well they work for shingles.
    Anyway, just wondering what to expect with them, and can they be used on non-open shingles blisters?
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