Pain control - hypotensive and drug seeking


Hi pain mngmt nurses,

I am wondering about this topic and hoping to get some insight. I usually see patients who have polypharmacy use and drug users and wondering how to effectively manage pain for someone..

In an example: a patient complains of 12/10 pain to his ulcer, BP is 85/57 all other vitals are within normal range. He has always been this hypotensive according to vital signs record and patient states hes been lately low blood pressure. Doesnt state hes dizzy or lightheadedness, etc. Objectively, no distress can be noted other than patient looking tired..however pain is what the patient says it is.

His only PRN is T3 and going to get his regular sleeping pill soon.

What would you do?

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What kind of ulcer?



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What is his pain usually? 14? Is it ever less than 10? Chronic pain patients need different questions. Is 12 tolerable?

Give him his sleep aid and let him go to sleep.