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Eating the patients' food?

What do you think about staff, family members of patients, and/or anyone else other than patients, eating the snacks in the nutrition room designated for patients? Have you ever done it or seen...

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I am doomed.

Often reading threads on here leads me to Google searches, and a bit of online research/reading. I just landed on this site, and came across this. All in all an interesting read. But, I think I...

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MD vs DO

What's the difference between an MD and a DO? I have always wondered if one requires more study and more time than the other? Does anyone know?

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Should I be totally honest in my interview?

Hi, I have an interview at a major hospital next week and am currently working per-diem in the same area of nursing. The HR lady asked me why I haven't gone full time at my current job, and the...

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NPs Performing Surgical Procedures!?

Greetings All, Nurse Practitioners now, more than ever, are practicing to the fullest extent of their state's Nurse Practice Acts. I am interested in pursuing further education in efforts to...

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I was fired as a CNA

Hey everyone! I have a huge concern I wanted other opinion of because I am not very sure what to do. so here goes... I have worked in a hospital per diem through an agency for 2 years, I finally...

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Nursing tips/advice

Hey everyone! Sorry this is a double post, I didn't realize I had posted the initial in the pre-nursing students forum! I am getting information on some of the most common topics nursing students...

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new grad nurse med surg

seeking help I am a new grad nurse on a med surg floor with primarily pancreatic, bariatric and vascular patients. I've started a few weeks on orientation so far and I feel so defeated, anxious...

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What's utilization management like?

I'm currently DON in a LTC and can't take the stress and long hours any more. Don't get me wrong, I'm doing a great job. Just passed survey with flying colors. But in the past 3 weeks I've had 1...

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NP travel nursing in UK

I was wondering if anyone knows of any US NP who has or have done travel nursing as an NP in the UK. I am wondering about what the process would be.

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falling asleep during nightshift

of course you shouldn't do it but come on. we are not perfect. If you have had a hard time sleeping, I can not blame you for dozing off. all i can say is don't make a habit out of it. I can...

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Too ugly to be a nurse..?!?

Before I begin... I want to say, HELLO EVERYONE! I'm new to this site. I recently signed up after researching information on nursing and found this forum. I'm in college studying health care...

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What is considered evidence

Scenario:adult male presents to ER with c/o abdominal pain. Reports to have been sexually assaulted 2 days prior. Has right black eye & foreign body in rectum. Refuses to be examined by SANE nurse...

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Ew...3 people

I don't want three people on the floor i want two let me explain. Months ago a coworker of mine quit leaving a max of one person per hall. Recently a new hire working 12 hours ( I think) was...

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Private Duty
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Did anyone ever refuse a trip w/patient?

Just need some advice. A coworker nurse of mine continually shows up on my day of work to help take the patient out on outings. She doesn't get paid, so family and patient are thrilled. For...

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A patient spit in my face

I'm relatively new to my PCA/CNA position. I work on a cardiac floor and generally enjoy it. Yesterday I was pulled to 1:1 obs for a patient. As I was changing the patients brief, he/she spit in my...

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Was I naive in my first ED job?

Hello everyone! So I'm FINALLY coming up on my 11th month out of my first year as an RN and all I have to say about Med/Surg is that it isn't for me. At the time it just made sense to get any job...

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How do you keep from making med errors?

How do I keep from making med errors when I don't know information? As an example, I didn't know we were not allowed to take the CNA/CAPs word for the blood sugar. Is this common knowledge? Where can...

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NP Students
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Can I become a Nurse Practitioner with an ADN and a bachelors degree in psychology?

I am currently in an ADN program but I also have a bachelors degree in psychology. I was wondering if after i become an RN i can apply to a FNP masters program. I've heard RNs need at least have 2...

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Blood testing

I have been selected for testing for recovery trek and it's a blood test. I have always been tested by urinalysis so I'm confused what the blood testing is for? Just curious ... it says P1 blood...

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