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Bag Technique 101 for Home Care Nurses

You enter Mrs. Jones' home to do your Start of Care assessment. She opens the door to reveal a maze of newspapers and other memorabilia that she's been keeping since at least 1929. You begin...

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Texting in nursing

There must be something wrong with me or Im just too old and not "with the times" as has been pointed out to me. Nurses today, staff and management , dont see a problem with texting doctors. Did not...

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My DoN is a terrifying nepotistic bully. What do I do?

I'm 24 years old, I've been at this job for just about 9 months, and every second I'm here longer makes me terrified I'm going to lose my license.Some background: I started this job on a...

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Could I have my license taken away

Okay, this is all.... mostly me being WILDLY paranoid in the suing culture of our current time. I know no one here has a law degree, and I'm mostly just looking for opinions to calm my wack ass down...

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Everything Sucks: Red Flags?

Okay, I'm gonna keep it semi-short. I'm a new grad yay! Working in a skilled nursing facility...today will be my second day of following behind a nurse....and she sucks lol I mean I literally...

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My narc drawer runneth over

I'm a new nurse who works in ltc. Over the past few months I've had several concerns with understaffing and the high acuity of my hall but nothing so serious that I feared for my license until today....

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I Passed my NCLEX RN!!!

I am now a licensed Registered Nurse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):happy::nurse: Passed in 75 questions!!!!! If anyone wants to know what I recommend to study: Uworld and Picmonic. I tried Kaplan...

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Can you answer

While you are working in the clinic, a healthy 32 yr old women whose sister is a carrier of the BRCA Gene asks you which form of breast cancer screening is the most effective for her.which response...

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Do any of you recently graduated CRNAs have recommendations for study materials for the CRNA exam. I am especially interested in any that offer CDs or tapes. For instance Holloway an Fitzgerald offer...

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Nurse Beth
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Nurse Beth

Crippling Test Anxiety

Dear Nurse Beth, I'm in the process of applying for NP school, I want to become a FNP. The only thing holding me back is the instant anxiety I feel thinking about the boards. Does anyone know if...

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Transgender patient and a dilemma

So my coworkers and I encountered a bit of a dilemma with a transgender pt. 16 y.o. born female transitioning to male. The pt preferred to be called he so I will refer to them as he. He was a 16 year...

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Am I being greedy?

So I just received my RN License 07/06/2018,(Yay go me), anyway I have 6 children, Im 42, and have been on government assistance since becoming a mother. As I'm getting ready to prepare to work as an...

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newnurse Fresno

discouraged with interviews

The only job I can seem to land right now is at a snf. took the nclex over a month ago and honestly did not think it would be this hard. I even had a second intervew and felt really good about the...

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~♪♫ in my ♥~

What's Your Longest Lasting PIV?

I work at a hospital where we sometimes end up with patients for weeks and months. I've taken to tracking my IVs and how long they last. I had one that was at 21 days when the patient was...

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I am a 65 year old nurse. I am a RN. I work in geriatric facility. I have been a nurse for 20 years. I have CCU and Geriatric experience. I feel like I am being picked on by a ADON is a LPN. I...

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Terminal diagnosis

I had a pt that came to me very ill in May. She was admitted for a hgb of 4 after having a syncopal episode going to her neurologist. She was having bloody stools but never informed me. She was in...

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ABSN Adequately prepared?

Hi! I'm looking for some input. I was accepted to 2 great programs in the Northeast - Curry ABSN and UMass Boston traditional. Everything about the accelerated program seems better for my family....

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New Grad dilemma: WWYD?

I am a new grad. My DREAM job is in labor and delivery. I am willing to work in any area of nursing in the hospital tho, to get experience and work my way into L&D. The problem is my family cannot go...

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GPA 3.4

Hello, So I'm finishing up all my pre-reqs to apply for nursing school, and my Pre-req GPA comes to a 3.45, I went to my advisor and she basically told me you can try but the cut off GPA last...

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newnurse Fresno

1st job. Scared to death.

I just landed my first job, something I wanted more than anything and all of a sudden I'm scared sick. What if I can't cut it? What if I've forgotten everything I learned, it has been a year post...

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