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PACU orientation nightmare

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by Mahalo2all Mahalo2all, BSN, MSN (New Member) New Member

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I have been an ICU /ED nurse for 16 years. I transferred from ICU to PACU , I have been in PACU for 18 days .  I had an 8 day orientation with 3 different nurses. With no feedback they let me start taking patients on my 18th day I was called into the office by my manager (thinking it was my evaluation) with HR and I was told I was going to be disciplined. I asked if I can get my CNA rep ... I was shocked ... that they were ready to disciplined me with no warning . I had a lousy orientation.. no curriculum to follow, the preceptors never talked to me about my progress or shortcomings  ... and here they are ready to disciplined/ suspend me . No patient was harmed . I am on administrative leave till we have the meeting... it’s a shock and so ridiculous. I feel like I was blindsided and was setup for failure. Any thoughts? I also worked for this hospital for 12 years .

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